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Paint Protection Film, how much coverage should I get for my car?

It can be overwhelming trying to protect your vehicle from the elements, and choosing the right amount of paint protection film for your vehicle can be challenging.

Do you have a low-slung sports car, do you have a large, upright truck? Is your car somewhere in the middle? The best choice may vary, at Ceramic Pro East Portland, we price our paint protection film by the square foot, this allows us to accommodate nearly any needs or budget. If you’re looking for the most coverage for your vehicle. A full body clear bra is the only option, this completely protects all painted surfaces from the road, as many edges as possible are tucked, for the cleanest possible installation. The lower your car is to the ground, the more susceptible it is to rock chips and other road debris causing damage to your paint. This is where you would like the most coverage possible among high impact areas, such as bumper, hood, fenders, mirrors and rocker panels, covering these areas completely will significantly reduce the paint damage your vehicle will endure over its lifetime. It is most popular to protect the entire front end of a vehicle, but there are options to have partial packages, this is exactly what it sounds like, instead of the whole hood and fenders being protected, an 18-24" section will be installed, this is your high impact zone, pairing this with protecting the bumper and the majority of your vehicle’s front end will be ready for the road, the con of a partial install is a visible line across your hood and fenders, if you are not interested in seeing a line, a full package will suit you best.

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