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Matte Vinyl Wrap or Matte Paint Protection Film, what is the difference?

A Challenger with matte paint protection film
matte paint protection film

Why should I choose matte paint protection film over matte vinyl wrap? Matte paint protection film was originally created to protect the finish of matte, satin or “frozen” factory paint, much like how gloss paint protection film protects your glossy paint.

“Matte conversions” have become incredibly popular, where the entire vehicle is protected with matte film, it gives off a matte to satin finish on your glossy vehicle while protecting it from rock chips, bird droppings, bug etching and superior chemical resistance, UV protection from fading and ease of maintenance, in the same way a gloss or “clear” film does on your gloss paint.

Vinyl wrap is also extremely popular for cosmetic conversions, however it does not offer any protection from the elements, vinyl wrap is very thin(4mil) compared to matte paint protection film(8mil.) vinyl wrap can chip just as easy as your paint, and when a rock hits the vinyl wrap it can chip the paint underneath, it is also significantly harder to clean when it’s a matte or satin finish, chemical staining can be a problem when cleaning, it also has no hydrophobic properties, and can start to fade in just a couple years.

Our KAVACA Matte Paint Protection Film is ceramic infused for durability and hydrophobic properties, so the water beads up and rolls off effortlessly when washed, cutting your time spent cleaning significantly.

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