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Introducing the Best Car Protection to PDX

Ceramic Pro East Portland is Portland, ORs First Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer.

Who is 'Ceramic Pro'?

Ceramic Pro is a world-renowned company that provides exceptional paint protection and automotive enhancement. Ceramic Pro has been the leader in the industry for decades with their staple formula the nano-ceramic coatings. They create nano-ceramic formulated protective coatings for all industrial needs but most commonly for automobiles, such as, cars, trucks, boats, and airplanes. In 2019, Ceramic Pro released their line called KAVACA (Armor in ancient language) which is their protective film for window tint as well as Paint Protection film, that inhibits the nano-ceramic technology. This new line of film reinforced Ceramic Pro's credibility to the market. Since 2019 Ceramic Pro has continued to innovate with their technology allowing for specific dealers to service new products, such as, ION ceramic Coating, Ultimate IR window tint, and their Ceramic Coated Paint Protection Film?

What is an 'Elite Dealer'?

A Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer is a fully certified and professional shop that installs all of Ceramic Pro's products. It is the ultimate 1 stop shop for new vehicles and the most credible shop when looking to get one of Ceramic Pro's products installed and serviced on your vehicle. As of recently that has been brought to Portland with the first elite dealer, Ceramic Pro East Portland.

About Ceramic Pro East Portland:

Although we are a new shop, we are not new to working with these high-end products. The people within Ceramic Pro East Portland have been in the automotive industry for 20+ years and continue to bring the exceptional service to our customers. It's not easy being in an industry for a long time and requires great work and great honesty. Ceramic Pro East Portland is a reputable company that spans from other businesses and will continue to bring the same reputation to Portland, OR.

The Best Ceramic Coating in Portland, Best Paint Protection Film in Portland, Best Window Tint in Portland. Call the professionals today @ 503-954-2165 or visit our store location @ 2730 SE 15th Ave Portland, OR 97202.

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